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Tree Houses

While not part of a home inspection, tree houses can be fun and a great item for kids – but they can be dangerous as

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A Guide To Ice Dams

As a ridge of ice, an ice dam will form near the edge of a roof and stops all melting snow from leaking off the

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Remodel or Not to Remodel

Remodeling has been considered a poor investment financially for many years. Many people put thousands of dollars into remodeling their home before re-sale, only to

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Well Issues

Talking more on our theme of wells this month, we wanted to talk about two other aspects: hydrofracting and Testing the quality of your water.

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Basics of Wells

Are you buying a home with a private well? As a home inspector, we are always focused on giving our clients the best information possible. So

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Attic Pull down Ladders

Also known as pull-down stairways, attic pull-down ladders are common in many homes, because they make accessing the attic much easier and more convenient –

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