Attic Pull down Ladders

Also known as pull-down stairways, attic pull-down ladders are common in many homes, because they make accessing the attic much easier and more convenient – for both the occupants and home inspectors.

These types of ladders have some defects at times though. Below are a few of the things that we find while doing a home inspection:
Improper Screws – As well as not using enough, many homeowners will move away from the screws provided which presents its own danger. Rather than the standard 16d penny nails or even lag screws, some will choose to install using deck or drywall screws. As they aren’t intended for this purpose, they may not provide enough strength and support.

Loose Mounting Bolts – Rather than the installation process, this problem is normally used by age but poor installation can quicken the process.

No Insulation – Furthermore, a lack of insulation is always a mistake that many people still make. When there is no insulation, air moves freely from the attic hatch to the house which means that the cooling or heating system needs to stay on for a longer period of time. With insulation, this problem is prevented and energy can be saved.

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