Basics of Wells

Are you buying a home with a private well? As a home inspector, we are always focused on giving our clients the best information possible. So here is some helpful well information to help you understand the basics of a well..

Ultimately, private drinking water can come from three different types of well – drilled, dug, and driven. Regardless of which one, the key to safety is often the initial construction which is then followed by maintenance.

If you are looking for information regarding the construction of wells, this can be attained through the local water system professional, state water-well contractor licensing agency, or even just the local health department. Perhaps most importantly, a well should never be positioned so that rainwater can flow into it. Since bacteria and dangerous chemicals can be picked up within rainwater, it can cause health problems after even pooling near your water supply.

If you plan to construct a private well, you will find contact information for pump-well installers and water-well diggers online or within the phone directory. When choosing a service, keep in mind that the contractor needs to be bonded as well as being insured. You can also contact the Ground Water Association.

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