Well Issues

Talking more on our theme of wells this month, we wanted to talk about two other aspects: hydrofracting and Testing the quality of your water. Both are very important if you are buying a home with a well, or installing a new well.

Hydrofracting – To create new fractures near your well and open up existing ones, hydrofracting applies either air or water under pressure within the well. If applied correctly, this will increase the yield of a single well. If an older well is struggling to achieve a good yield, this is a helpful process to have it increased.

Testing the Quality – With water, quality is a huge factor to consider so you should regularly test for organic chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides (especially before the first use). For coliform bacteria and nitrate, you should test annually so that contamination problems are found as early as possible. If you feel as though there might be a problem at any point, don’t hesitate to have the system tested. If your area is un-sewered, you will need to pay attention to the activities in your watershed. We can help you with these tests – contact us!

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