Your Home After A Tornado …Areas To Check

In our last blog we discussed ways of staying safe and being prepared before and during a tornado.  This blog, we are going to look at the different ways your home can sustain damage from a tornado.  While we are aware that there are usually very obvious signs of damage depending on the strength of the storm, there are also areas that might not be so obvious.


  • One of the most obvious areas of damage would be the roof.  If the roof is damaged and not fixed immediately, this can result in many problems down the line such as water damage which will show up in the form of mold and staining.


  • Care should be taken after a tornado to check for stress cracks.  Take extra time to look at areas where the walls meet the ceiling.  Its also a good idea to use a level and make sure the floors and walls have not shifted at all.


  • Due to being shaken and rattled in a tornado, a house can sustain all kinds of damage.  This would include damage to the plumbing system.  A good way of checking for leaks it to turn on all the faucets in the home and look to see if water is coming out where it shouldn’t.  This would include looking under sinks and cabinets as well as ceilings and walls for signs of a leak.


  • To check for damage to the foundation of the home, look for signs of cracking in the masonry and observe any signs of change or damage by checking crawlspaces.


  • The chimney is another important area that should be carefully looked at for signs of damage.  This is because damage to a chimney can hinder proper ventilation, possibly resulting in a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the home.


  • Check your outside, surrounding area for uprooted trees.  Underground gas lines could have been damaged from the trees so its essential to check this before you turn on the gas in your home.


By following these steps, you will help further protect your family from the destructive effects of a tornado.

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