Is It Time To Buy A Portable Generator?

Where would we be without electricity in the home? When the power goes out for any reason, it can be rather disruptive, and for some with health problems etc. it can be a more serious issue. Is the answer then, to purchase a portable generator?

What are the benefits of buying a portable generator?

There are numerous benefits. The most obvious of course is that if the power goes out, you have the generator as a back up power supply.

Being portable in nature, they are generally small enough to transport which makes them a great option for camping.

A portable generator will usually run on gasoline which is easy to buy.

A special permit is not normally required to own and operate one, and installation is not complicated.

Some things to think about before you buy

Portable generators are not intended to power appliances hard wired to your home. They are intended for use with corded appliances.

If your power goes out, you might be tempted to overload it so as to keep everything running. This can create a fire hazard and will also stop it from functioning the way it should.

Never keep a portable generator running in the house. Portable generators produce carbon monoxide, which we all know can be lethal.

There is a risk of electric shock if water gets onto it while it is running.

Be very careful to not spill any gasoline on a hot generator. It could easily ignite due to the flammable nature of gas.

In summary, a portable generator is a very good option for keeping essential appliances running in the event of a power outage, but much care must be taken when using one.

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