Common Crib Defects

The most important thing in the life of a parent is ensuring their children are safe. When they are babies, their safety is top priority. What are some of the defects a parent should look out for when it comes to their babies crib?

Make sure that the crib mattress is firm and fits the crib well and that there are no gaps between the sides and the mattress that the baby could fit between.

Check the condition of the crib. Look out for any screws, bolts or hardware that may be missing or worn. Are there any cracks or splits in the wood? Check for sharp or pointed edges.

Any cribs that have some kind of decorative cutouts used in the headboard or foot board should not be used. This could be a hazard to the baby as their heads or limbs could get stuck in them.

Be aware of chocking hazards. Be careful not to hang a mobile within the babies reach. Crib mobiles today are designed to be out of a babies reach. The mobile is meant for the baby to look at, and not be able to handle. It would be a good idea to remove it once the baby is old enough to reach it themselves. Be aware of these factors if the mobile is not specifically designed for crib use, is home made or an older one.

While a baby is sleeping in a crib, it is very easy for them to overheat, therefore a baby should sleep in a sleeper instead of a quilt or blanket. There should not be pillows or soft bedding in the crib.

This is just a few reminders of making sure your baby is safe while sleeping.

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