Bathroom Maintenance…Extraction Fans

Regular maintenance of the home is a good way of avoiding bigger issues later on.  This is certainly the case with the bathroom.  Let’s take the bathroom extraction fan for example.  When working correctly, a bathroom fan should extract excessive moisture from the bathroom and vent it out to the exterior of the home.  But, if the fan is not functioning as it should, you will notice excessive moisture in the bathroom, especially on the tile and ceiling.  This could also start to corrode metal bathroom fixtures and cause paint to bubble and peel.


One reason the fan might not be working properly is a simple one.  It could have become clogged with dirt and dust.  Take the cover and give it a good cleaning, it’s a good idea to check this every month or so to make sure it doesn’t become blocked up again.


Another important thing to check is the duct work.  As we mentioned, it should reach all the way to the exterior of the home, but this isn’t always the case.  In some instances, it only reaches as far as the attic space which means all the bathrooms moisture is being vented into this space.  While you may not see too much of an issue in the bathroom because of this, it will start to affect the attic.  Materials could become damaged and mold could form.  This is a good thing to have checked out by a home inspector, who can perform a thorough attic inspection for you.


Yes, as we can see, if we do not take some time out to perform regular household maintenance, it could create much bigger jobs later on.

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