Tips for preventing garage fires

We all like to be conscious of any potential fire hazard in our home, but what about our garage, especially when its attached to our house?

Garage fires can occur very easily, this is because our garage is where we store most of our flammable liquids ( paint cans, varnish, gasoline cans to name but a few). Its also the place we are most likely to work on the car, motorbike, lawn mower etc. Here are a few tips on preventing your garage from being a potential fire hazard:

  • Clear your garage floor of anything with the potential to ignite easily such as oily rags or paper items, also clean up any spills and mess you may have made while working
  • Store all your potentially hazardous materials in clear, well labeled containers
  • Check that the door that leads to your home from the garage is free from any gaps and is properly sealed, as dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide can seep into your home
  • It is recommended that you have the garage checked by a Certified Home Inspector, as they can check to see if your walls and doors meet proper standards of fire safety, and also point out any areas that might attention.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule an inspection of your garage.  We will be happy to advise you on potential fire hazards.

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