Allergens In The Home

So many people suffer with bad allergies nowadays which, in turn, can cause all sorts of respiratory problems.  While we can’t always do much to reduce allergy causing air pollutants outside, are there some ways we can reduce them in our homes?

There are some surprising causes of air pollutants that can be found in the home and some not so surprising.  For example, pet dander is an obvious one that can cause allergies, cleaning products are another contributing factor.  If you have an old home, there could be pollutants such as lead paint dust and asbestos.  Certain solvents such as formaldehyde are used to treat soft furnishings like sofas, cushions and curtains.  Gas stoves and furnaces could also contribute to poor air quality.  So, what can we do to improve the situation?


There are some simple ways to improve matters.  Regularly vacuuming and dusting will help a lot to reduce allergens.  This is especially important in areas where pets spend most of their time.  To lower the risk of lead dust spreading in the home, frequently wipe surfaces with a damp cloth.  Try using non-chemical cleaning products or if you don’t like those, at least switch to non-aerosol cleaners.  As much as you can, keep each room well ventilated and air out soft furnishings.  Regularly replace filters in air conditioning units and once a month check your carbon monoxide detectors.  If you are worried about any appliances emitting harmful toxins, it is best to have a professional come and check them over for you.


While there are many things in our homes that can contribute to poor air quality, there are also things we can do to improve it.

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