Private Well Inspections and Water Quality Testing

Private Well Inspections and Water Quality Testing in Akron-Canton, Ohio, and Surrounding Northeast Ohio Areas.

Water is essential to life. Ensuring your water supply is clean is vital to your and your family’s health. Top Choice Home Inspections LLC is proud to offer Private Well Inspections and Well Water Quality Testing in addition to our home inspections or as a stand-alone service.

What’s included during a Private Well Inspection?
• Pull available Well Logs
• Evaluate construction based on current standards
• Conduct a flow test
• Collect and deliver water samples to an Ohio EPA Certified Laboratory
• Private Well Inspection Report

Hence, if you have a well, or are purchasing a home with a well, then we can provide a comprehensive inspection and water scan.

Schedule Your Annual Water Well Checkup

Wells tapping the groundwater resources can provide drinking water of the highest quality. Owning a private household-supply water well allows homeowners to control their own water supply. Ownership also comes with the responsibility of keeping the water well in good working order.

Why Is a Checkup Important?

A properly constructed and maintained household supply well will provide you with many years of quality service. The National Ground Water Association recommends routine annual maintenance checks to ensure the proper operation of the well and prolong its years of service, as well as monitor the water quality.

Routine inspection of a water well system can help ensure it is operating properly, prolong its useful life, and protect your investment. Most importantly, inspections can protect your health by discovering issues that could result in water quality problems presenting a health risk.

What Does a Checkup Involve?

Wells should be evaluated annually by a licensed or certified water well systems professional.

Your checkup should include:

  • A flow test to determine system output, along with a check of the water level before and during pumping (if possible), pump motor performance (check amp load, grounding, and line voltage), and pressure tank and pressure switch contact.
  • An inspection of well equipment to assure that it is sanitary and meets local code requirements.
  • A test of your water for coliform bacteria and nitrates, and anything else of local concern. Other typical additional tests are those for iron, manganese, water hardness, sulfides, and other water constituents that cause problems with plumbing, staining, water appearance, and odor. Changes in these constituents also may indicate changes in your well or local groundwater. Additional tests may be recommended if water appears cloudy or oily, if bacterial growth is visible on fixtures, or if water treatment devices are not working as they should. Check with your water well contractor, state department of natural resources, or local health department for information on local water quality issues.
  • A concise, clear, written report will be delivered to you following the checkup that explains the results and any recommendations and includes all laboratory and other test results.

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